bioagriculture Batlle

Current issues related to the environment, climate change, landscaping, and new agronomic technologies bring new challenges to agriculture. As a result, some of the forage species that 

Semillas Batlle develops and markets a unique role in controlling pests and weeds, improving the water cycle, and increasing fauna and biodiversity, with particular relevance for beneficial insects that are essential for crop pollination.


  • Mixtures for inter-crops: for rotation with other main crops, which benefit from it.
  • Mixtures for pollinators: their primary purpose is to increase the population of beneficial pollinating insects in the ecosystem.
  • Mixtures for pest and disease control: help reduce/eliminate harmful pests and diseases, favoring biological control.
  • Mixtures for landscaping: designed to improve the landscape environment, both rural and urban.
  • Mixtures for hydroseeding: seed mixtures adapted to hydroseeding to achieve more accessible and faster sowing. They ensure better germination and, therefore, more possibilities for revegetation of the land.


  • BATTLE INTER-CROPS: consult technical department
  • BATLLE POLLINATORS: consult technical department
  • BATLLE PEST CONTROL: consult technical department
  • BATLLE LANDSCAPING: consult technical department
  • BATLLE HYDROSEEDING: consult technical department