LOEI (Forage)

Crotolaria juncea


• Belonging to the legume family, the animal production is the animal feeding.
• The quick establishment and (48 – 72 h) growing are the main qualities that permits a good competition with weeds.


• High contain of protein and energy.
• Complete nutritional table.
• High plan y vegetal production.
• For silage use, preferentially.
• Low water requirement.
• Low fertilization need.
• Quick establishment.
• Excellent nutritional quality.
• Very high dry matter production.
Soils: Deep, well drained. Sandy or loamy.
Drought tolerance: High.
Frozen tolerance: Low.
Salinity tolerance: Medium – high.
Waterlogging tolerance: Very low.
Total dry matter: 8.000 – 12.000 kg of DM/ha.
Palatability: Excellent.
Toxicity: Does not have.


• Sowing season: Since the beginning of the
hot weather.
• Sowing rate: 30 – 40 kg / ha.
• Sowing profundity: 1-2 cm.
• Vegetative cycle and high: Short cycle of 7 to 9 weeks. Can reach 2,30 m high.


Forage production.