Pasto Siambasa

Panicum maximum


• Belonging to the grass family with an excellent relation between productivity and quality.
• An excellent alternative both to agricultural and animal farms since it is a plant that produces with high yields with an excellent nutritional quality, reaching high protein fiber, energy and digestibility values.
• Easy to manage, it can be cut with high temperatures conditions, without losing the quality because of leaves falling.
• It has 80% of leaves and it can be used for hay, silage or grazing.


• High forage yields.
• Rustic plant.
• Tolerant to salinity conditions.
• Resistant to plagues and diseases.
• Excellent relation stem-leaves, near to 80 % of leaves.
• High digestibility “in vitro” near to 80 %.
• Protein content of 14 % to 16 %.
• Adapted to hay, silage or grazing production.
Soils: Deep, well drained. Sandy or loamy.
Drought tolerance: High.
Frozen tolerance: Low.
Salinity tolerance: High.
Waterlogging tolerance: Very low.
Total dry matter: 16.000 to 21.000 kg of
DM / ha.
Palatability: Excellent.
Toxicity: Does not have.


• Sowing season: Since the beginning of the
hot weather.
• Sowing rate: 10 kg / ha.
• Sowing profundity: 1-2 cm.


Forage production.