Italian RyeGrass 

Italian Ryegrass

The ITALIAN RYEGRASS (Lolium multiflorum ssp. italicum) is a forage biannual grass species with easy establishment, fast growth, and good nutritional value. Its leaves are long and wide, light green.

Italian ryegrass is recommended for meadows mowed for green fodder, hay, or silage with 5 or 6 cuts or for rotational grazing that allows regrowth.


  • Recommended use in green forage, hay, or silage
  • 5 to 6 cuts by mowing or rotational grazing systems allowing regrowth.
  • long, wide, and light green leaves

Vertibello (2n)

  • Mid cycle
  • High yield (quality and quantity)
  • Disease tolerance
  • Med- tall 50-70cm

Locobello (4n

  • Mid-late cycle
  • High yield (quality and quantity)
  • Resistance to rusts and xanthomonas
  • Med-tall 60-80cm

Açores (2n

  • Mid cycle
  • Increased grazing capacity
  • Very fast regrowth and excellent quality
  • Adapted to mild Atlantic climate