Yellow Serradella


Ornithopus compressus


  • Plants with deep roots, with thin hairy stems up to 40 cm high.
  • Flowers:  Yellow, with thin and slightly bent pods.
  • Seed Color: yellow and rectangular, yellow, brown, green, or black
  • Thousand seed weight (TSW): 2.0 to 4.0 grams


  • Fertility precursor species. 
  • Adapt to soils with low organic matter and poor fertility
  • Allows expanding the rhizobium present in the ground. 
  • Adapted to well-drained, acidic soils with a sandy to silty texture. Less adapted to clay soils. 
  • Free aluminum tolerant. 
  • No tolerance to waterlogging.
  • It has a high percentage of hard seeds, which allows it to be very persistent.


  • Sowing Period: September to November.
  • Sowing Rate:
    • Pure: 6 – 14 kg/ha for hulled seeds and 1-4 naked seeds
    • Mixture: 1 –4 kg/ha for hulled seeds and 0.5-2 kg/ha depending on the species.
  • Compatible species: grasses and legumes for different agronomic applications.
  • Inoculant: Group C


CHARANO: Early Cycle