Common Vetch

The vetch is a traditional crop in Spain, due to its capacity to develop in dry land (the majority of existing ones), including areas where lots of other crops are not capable of obtaining similar economical performances. It’s gifted with a very developed root system which allows it to obtain water and various nutrients that aren’t accessible to other crops. One of its advantages lies in the fact that inside its rotations it contributes nitrogen to the soil, which improves the production of the following crops, generally cereals. Likewise, it helps eradicate traditional weeds on cereal monocultures.

Its use has been favoured by the new agricultural policies, not only because of the obligation to introduce rotations, but also due to the fact that it’s a legume and therefore serves as


  • Easy to manage, ideal for rotations in traditional cerealist monocultures.
  • Adequate because of its resistance to low temperatures and lack of water.