Winter cereals

Almost 30 years ago, Semillas Batlle, S.A started breeding programs for established cereals such as Wheat, Barley, Triticale, and Oats to satisfy the demand of different regions of the Iberian Peninsula and their conditions. The firm’s successes with this group of plant species are extensive and well known. The cereals from Batlle are currently planted with great success throughout the Iberian Peninsula. 

The range of varieties Batlle offers meets the needs of the different cereal-producing regions of the country. In addition, the varietal purity, resistance to weeds and diseases, and the germinative vigor of all our seeds are strictly controlled – guaranteeing seed quality. 

Allocating resources for improving and conserving varieties is a priority for our company, along with breeding elite varieties for optimal yield, resistance, and quality for different regions, using new breeding techniques and high-quality standards. 

Our varieties are commercialized by royalties, selling base seeds directly or producing seeds by different partner companies through previous contracts.