Avena Sativa

Avena sativa (COMMON OATS) is one of the most interesting secondary cereals for our climate and soil conditions due to its excellent adaptation. In addition to their use as a grain, oats can be used as a forage cereal. Oats are grown for grain, fodder, or dual aptitude. Our varieties are characterized by their large size, resistance to drought, and high tillering – guaranteeing perfect grain for livestock feeding and excellent yield even in challenging conditions.  

Oats can be used as an independent crop or with legumes such as peas or vetch in forage mixtures.


  • For forage production with high energy value and high yields.
  • For oat flours and milk substitutes (oat milk).
  • For feed production as an essential component in the feedstock diet.


  • Excellent forage capacity 
  • High hardiness
  • Great adaptability