Hybrid RyeGrass

Hybrid ryegrass

Hybrid Ryegrass (Lolium boucheanum Kunth)  is a species created by crossing English ryegrass and Italian ryegrass. It inherits characteristics from both.


  • Fast establishment
  • Crop between 2 to 4 years with excellent regrowth capacity
  • Superior nutritional value to Italian ray grass
  • Suitable for meadows sown for fodder in green hay or silage.
  • Supports grazing 
  • Drought resistance and great tillering capacity guarantee excellent yields even in unfavorable conditions

Fibrido (2n)  

  • Mid-late cycle. More italian type
  • High productivity in dry matter
  • Great nutritional value, high digestibility
  • Very good persistence (3 years)
  • New Batlle genetics

Rubrido (4n

  • Mid-late cycle, such as italian ryegrass
  • High yield in dry matter
  • High nutritional value, high digestibility
  • Excellent durability (3 years)

Nadzieja (4n)  

  • Mid-early cycle
  • Balanced annual production with maxima in summer
  • Aptitude for mowing, grazing, and hay